Budget trip to Phuket, Thailand under ₹50k

    A 5-day budget trip to Phuket filled with fun, adventure, and culture

    Traveling is enriching, helps us get perspective, and makes us who we are. Also, it’s a great way to escape our monotonous routine and witness different cultures, creeds, cuisine, climates, etc. So, I bring to you the most wanted budget trip to Phuket, Thailand for under Rs. 50k.

    Though traveling is enjoyable most of the time, some of our favorite destinations might sometimes be costly. Moreover, when it comes to trips abroad, most of us step back due to the high expenses. But experiencing a new country is always fun & adventurous.

    We bring you a budget trip from India to Phuket, a 5-day trip filled with fun, adventure, and culture estimated at ₹50,000.

    You may wonder, why Phuket? There can be countless reasons behind choosing Phuket. The island is a hub for fun, adventure, and culture and is pocket-friendly. It is known for its excellent beaches, mesmerizing landscapes, remarkable cultural museums, fantastic foods, ancient temples, and vibrant nightlife.

    Besides these, budget-friendly accommodations, a friendly locale, and great weather are the other reasons you should visit Phuket. When you go for a holiday, you will search for a reasonable arrangement that merits your cash. In such scenarios, Phuket is the best spot you would want to visit.

    This Thai island offers you incredible value for your money. You can get suitable accommodation, food, transportation, shopping encounters, and so forth in a budget pocket.

    Your expenses in Phuket will always be worth the memories you make here.

    Budget trip to Phuket, Thailand under ₹50k

    Flight Details and Best Time to Visit

    Phuket city is situated on Phuket Island, which comes under Thailand’s Phuket province. It’s nearly 5 hrs away from Delhi via flight. The minimum cost of the flight ticket is around 28k (round trip) from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Phuket International Airport (HKT).

    Mid-May to October is the best time to have vacations in Phuket due to its monsoon season; Phuket remains moist in this season with nearly 28°C to 29°C temperature. The prices are comparatively low in this season. Thus, planning your trip to Phuket during this season can be your best bet.

    Fun Places to Visit in Phuket

    1. Cape Phrom Thep for its aesthetic sunset views: This place has forever been a day-to-day visiting spot for hundreds of travelers. Bright transports download swarms of travelers hungry for a sunny landscape picture, and the spot begins humming with flashes. It’s likewise entertaining to perceive the number of individuals that take dusk photographs. Watching the sun join the ocean is a stunning phenomenon. Watching it here, at the actual tip of Phuket, makes it even more heartfelt and soothing.
    2. Freedom beach for its fun activities like Snorkeling: Freedom beach side offers a quiet break from the hordes of Patong Oceanside. It’s the home to both Long Oceanside and Banana Oceanside. Also, Coral Island is a world-renowned hub for those searching for marine life. Shallow waters and a wealth of marine life — including exotic fish and stingrays — make for a portion of the locale’s best swimming open doors. In addition, water sports and convenience on the seashores offer a reprieve from the more occupied central area. Freedom beach is both beautiful and less crowded, and unique. It is possibly Phuket’s most gorgeous ocean side with magnificently smooth white sand and gem blue waves.
    3. Phuket Bird Park for its beautiful woods with colorful birds: Phuket Bird Park is the biggest bird park in Thailand, spreading over an area near 48560-square-meter land. The park consists of almost 1000 birds, comprising around 100 unique Asian, African, and South American species. It is the home to smaller birds as well. For example, parrots and jaybirds have more giant birds, including ostriches, cranes, and brilliant quill peacocks. The exhibition area of Phuket Bird Park grants people unlimited access, including interactive zones where it’s feasible to take care of the birds while they roost on your hand or shoulder.

    Cultural places on a budget trip in Phuket

    Some of the cultural places covering the Phuket city tour are as follows: The Phuket city tour has all the main attractions like Fanta Sea, the Phuket Old Town, walk by Thalang road, etc.

    Budget trip to Phuket, Thailand under ₹50k

    The Phuket Old Town & Thalang Road:

    While strolling through Phuket Old Town, you will find a lot of striking Chinese-Portuguese design, which has been changed over into restaurants, shops, eateries, inns, galleries, and markets. Graffitied walls of this old town are outstanding and famous. Here, you can explore Thai foods and shops. It is a hub of museums that has treasured its delightful culture and authenticity.

    Thalang Road is one of the central streets of this old town, lined up with shophouses with architectural value, the origin of these houses is Sino-Portuguese. These are ancient buildings from the 19th century. The other central avenues of Old Town are Phang Nga, Krabi, Dibuk, and Yoawarat. This little trip has an adventurous side as well. Visiting the Big Buddha of 45 meters can give you the fantastic feel of trekking. Phuket is a versatile tourist spot that has a lot to offer. In this single trip, you can have fun, adventure, culture, clubbing, etc.


    The ultimate cultural theme park FantaSea: It’s a cultural theme park, which is extended over 60 acres and comprises a theme buffet restaurant and shopping street. It’s known for its remarkable theatrical show of approximately 70 minutes. This show uses infused techniques of illusion, and the theatre where this ‘Fantasy of a Kingdom’ is named “Palace of the Elephants”.

    Golden Kinnaree Buffet

    The Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant is another critical attraction Of Fantasea, it has 4000 seats available for guests, and it’s one of the most extensive buffets in the world.

    Festival Village Shopping Street

    Shopping in Phuket

    The shopping Street is known as Festival Village Shopping Street. Also, a game town is situated nearby with a local restaurant. Some bars and fast food restaurants are also there. Fantasea helps you to wander and explore the cultural and historical expedition of Thailand’s art & traditions.

    Thai Hua Museum:

    Thai Hua Museum is located on Krabi street in Phuket, which can be considered an unexpected treat from this city. One of the showcase rooms briefly looks at the eminent Chinese Clans of Phuket. Also, one of the Thai Hua Historical center rooms is committed to grand occasions and celebrations of Phuket, including the famous and unusual ‘Phuket Vegetarian Festival’ that started quite a while back. There are also short movies in Thai and Chinese with English captions, which you can watch in this Museum to help you dig into Thai Hua’s past as the primary Chinese-language school in Phuket. These movies likewise assist guests with figuring out the history, mines, and Phuket’s association with China.

    Phuket Cafes and Restaurants to consider budget trip to Phuket

    Food options in Phuket
    Indian food ❤️

    After tourist places, the second most crucial part is the food. All the desi Indian foods are readily available in Phuket. Some best restaurants which serve both veg and non-vegetarian foods are

    • Delhi Darbar (₹900-₹1,600)
      Famous dishes are Biryani, Chicken Tikka, Fish Pakora, etc.
    • Tandoori Flames (₹350-₹1,100)
      Worth trying dishes are Butter Chicken, Lamb Vindaloo, Naan, Curries, Etc
      This Restaurant is known for its great ambiance and the humble behavior of the owner.
    • Curry Delight (₹350-₹1,100)
      This Restaurant is situated in Kata Beach and is known for its gluten-free options. Also famous for its Garlic naan and Aloo Gobi.

    Local Cuisine and Seafood 🐟

    local cuisine in Phuket

    Phuket is also a perfect hub for seafood. Seafood in Kata, Patong, Karon, and other renowned sea shores are excellent, yet neighborhood eateries have somewhat more. It’s more authentic, fresh, and also less expensive.

    Some best neighborhood Phuket Cafes are as follows.

    • Kru Suwit Floating Restaurant: Known for its fresh seafood dishes, it has mid-range prices & has a spectacular view.
    • Mor Mu Dong,
      It serves local cuisine and side dishes along with Asian and Thai foods.
    • Kan Eang 2 (₹400-4,000)
      It is best known for its Thai food serving and Wine.
    • Bang Pae seafood
      This Restaurant’s remarkable service and fresh ingredients bring all the tourists here. This is one of the famous restaurants. The price is Average, and the atmosphere is soothing due to the view of Bang Pae waterfall.
    • Ko Ang Seafood: Serves authentic local food, serves seafood. It is a trendy restaurant with a zinc roof.
    • Also, Rimpan Seafood, Laem Seafood, Chaiyo seafood, Palai Seafood, Rawai Seafood Market, Thanoon Seafood, etc., are some popular eateries of seafood.

    Clubs and Entertainment 👯🏼‍♀️ to consider under budget trip to Phuket

    festivals and parties in Phuket

    Soi Bangla Road
    The nightlife of Phuket has the same attraction as its adventurous day life. You may experience the finest nightlife in Phuket on Soi Bangla Road, and it’s a 400 m road that shows significant signs of life solely after the sun sets. This street illuminates with neon lights. A ton of loud music, mixing into various beats, makes this road an occurrence. Plenty of joints-from low-priced brew bars to extreme eateries, and you get each of the sorts here.

    Illuzion Show & Discotheque
    Illuzion Show & Discotheque is another famous place to witness Phuket’s nightlife. Overall, visiting Phuket can be very fulfilling with its fun, adventurous cultural places and the retro vibe of its nightlife.

    Hotels and Accommodations to consider under budget trip to Phuket

    Hotels in Phuket

    As Phuket is a tourist place, plenty of hotels are available. The best budget hotels among them are –

    • Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket (₹ 3,000/night)
    • Amata Patong (₹5,700/night)
    • Chanalai Floro Resort (₹5,700/night)
    • Tony resort (₹4,000/night)
    • Patong Mansion Hotel (₹2,700/night)

    Phuket is an excellent place with the beautiful scenic beauty of the sea, sky, and stone. Imagine visiting this foreign city with a pocket-friendly budget of ₹33,000.

    Thailand is perhaps the most visited country on the planet, inviting an incredible 40 million foreign visitors each year.

    Phuket is a pocket-friendly destination with its magnificent beaches, mesmerizing with its limestone karsts and delightful seafood. Phuket alludes to both the territory and the island in southern Thailand. It’s the nation’s second-smallest province. However, it’s the most significant island, home to delightful white sand sea shores along its south and west coast and splashing of more modest islands simply off the central area.

    The transport system of Phuket is impressive with its bright bus, airport bus, taxi, rental cars, etc., making it an apt place for tourists. With its fun areas, adventurous visiting spots, and cultural hub, it’s the best place for a good tour. Phuket is budget-friendly. That’s the sole reason bunch of people are tending towards visiting Phuket, so when are you visiting Phuket?

    Also, let us know if we helped you plan your Phuket trip. Thanks, Bye ✌️


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