Celebrate Christmas and New Year in GOA

    Celebrate Christmas and New Year in GOA with maddening parties, great food and wonderful beaches.

    GOA! So here we come with your next Christmas and New Year’s destination. This small state in West India is famous for its beautiful seashores, extraordinary fish, fantastic nightlife, and exciting watersports. 

    Celebrate Christmas and New Year in GOA

    Beyond being a famous tourist spot in India, Goa is an ideal vacation location, an extraordinary escape with friends, and a fabulous place for a family vacation, which implies the site is loaded with experiences and attractions to keep every one of its guests locked in.  Christmas and New Year’s are among the best times to be in Goa since almost the whole world arrives to party as the Goans do. With singing, boogying, eating, celebrating, going all out, Christmas and New Year is when Goa is at its best, and the entire state is delightfully embellished. Glimmering lights shimmer, houses and temples are decorated in bright tones, and the happy soul is infectious.

    beach shacks in Goa

    Goa during Christmas and New Year is the point at which the sun doesn’t set on the festivals, and you”ll find everybody in an energetic party mode, from locals to tourists. Everyone is mad in the GOA air to enjoy the life of the weather, parties and whatnot. This year you can also plan to welcome the new year along the beach with full party mode. Goa is gorgeous during Christmas and New Year with every one of the lights and embellishments. The two most blissful events of the year are ideal for individuals who love to party and unwind on seashores. Nightlife becomes glamorous during these festivals, beaches are decorated, and a party vibe can be checked among everyone. Goa is famous for crazy celebrations, and several places arrange a party for people, including beaches and clubs.

    Famous beaches to visit for Christmas and New Year in Goa

    One of the significant features is the beach party in Goa which is about foot-tapping music with fascinating beverages around the ocean shores. With reverbing music, an enthusiastic group, luscious combinations of cooking styles, and reviving beverages, ocean side party in Goa around evening time is about a beautiful feel. Some great beach parties that are going to be organized are as follows :

    Resorts for stay in Goa

    1. Kingfisher New Year Beach Party At Anjuna Beach 

    Yet again, the annual custom Anjuna Beach new year celebration is back after this pandemic, and the festival is even bigger this time. Famous artists will perform at this party, and the bazaar will highlight all the local specialities. This party will have all that you could ask for.

    If you are an oceanside darling, head here for a captivating Goa party.

    ● The events will start from 8:00 pm onwards at Arjuna Beach on 31st December 2023.

    ● Entry price per person ranges from INR 299 and is limited to INR 1,999.

    Events still need to be specified, and no offers are available. This part will have a live DJ.

    2. New Year’s Secret Island Party, Goa

    This mysterious island party is where you should accompany your crew, and it can be the best gateway for your friends. You should get your best casuals, get your food and beverages (if you wish), and party the entire evening. As this is a private party, the venue will also be a secret, and you will get to know it! The show timings are 8:00 pm onward on New Year’s eve. Entry per person starts from INR 3,000.

    Secret Russian Party Goa

    3. Goa’s Palolem Beach Party

    For the much-anticipated Goa’s new year celebration, all oceanside shacks hold hands and the whole Palolem Ocean side turns into a party cushion. Enchanting firecrackers supplement revellers, spillage

    and liquor supply at the commencement of the new year. The climate turns electric as EDM Psy daze tunes swirl around, and individuals groove until the sun shows up. If you are searching for choices for the Goa oceanside party, you should choose Palolem.

    ● The location is Palolem beach

    ● The ticket costs INR 3,000 for couples and INR 4,000 for single males.

    Beach party Goa

    This season is the best time to visit Goa due to its glamorous celebration; please note that rather than beaches, there are also plenty of party places such as Hill Top, la Cabana Beach, numerous nightclubs, several Beach Resorts, New Year Boat Parties, etc.

    Famous clubs for New Year in Goa

    Besides, beach parties at Christmas and new year are always a hit. Still, several famous clubs organize a glamorous parties for visitors too. The New Year club Gatherings in Goa are the time for youngsters to enjoy an insane and wild partying soul. Some worth visiting clubs are as follows:

    Parties in Goa

    1. Silent Noise, Palolem

    It is said to be the one club that organizes headphone parties. The entry fee for the couple is INR 600, and this club is known for its Live DJs who play distinct genres like Trance and Electro-punk.

    2. NYE 2023 At SinQ Night Club

    Including show-stopping artists, it has two distinct stages playing various genres, in addition, to live amusement with fire artists and LED artists. Also, let’s not forget the delicious food, and free drinks, alongside admittance to the pool for the entire evening. SinQ is arranging for one of the undoubtedly blazing Goa new years celebrations in 2023. The price is INR 2,000 only.

    3. Hammerzz Club 

    Hammerzz Club has chosen to bring you and your friends and family a great New Year festivity in Goa to end this year with. Goa’s Numero Uno luxury nightclub will have a one-in-a-lifetime occasion insight with everything from extraordinary feeling, cutting edge light, and sound, DJ music, the best of performers, dance, fantastic food, vast beverages, and significantly more to make them wish the party would continue forever.

    Moreover, the list doesn’t end here. You should surely visit other famous clubs like Mambos, Club LPK, Sunburn, Chronicle, Club Westend, Re: FRESH Club, Liquid Sky, etc., which are worth visiting and spending your new year and Christmas.

    Famous Churches for Christmas in Goa :

    During the Christmas season, the churches in Goa are embellished with lights making the grand designs considerably more lovely. This is a characteristic one can observe just during the hour of Christmas. Some of these churches are built in Gothic architecture style, drenched in Christmas carols. These churches are a must-visit if you visit Goa during your Christmas occasions.

    Churches in Goa were built during the hours of Portuguese rule. Old Goa is more famous for its chapels than new Goa. A few of these holy places were built during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The must-see churches are as follows:

    Churches if Old Goa

    1. Basilica Of Bom Jesus

    This is a UNESCO site, the home to St Francis Xavier, who brought the Belief in Christianity to the region. It’s an ancient church of nearly 400 years.

    2. St Cajetan Church

    It is by large, the most elegant church in Goa and worth giving time to. The architecture of this church is exceptional, and Corinthian and Baroque styles of Architecture inspire it. The type of origin is based on St Peter’s Church of Italy.

    3. St. Clara’s Church

    Its beautiful excellence in the lap of mother earth is very charming. Its shining white design and exciting engineering charm many vacationers, particularly in the open air. The Marathas have destroyed the congregation umpteen times, yet it stood anew every time.

    4. Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

    This church is another most renowned in the capital city of Panjim. The ideally kept up with cobblestone walkways and the rich and tall design of the Virgin Mary merit a sight! The white design illuminates the time of Christmas.

    Along with the above remarkable churches, St Francis Of Assisi Church, St Anne Church, Se Cathedral, Church of our Lady Of The Mount, Mae De Deus Church, St Diogo’s Church, Santa Cruz Church, Three Kings Chapel, etc. are also popular destinations during Christmas.

    Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

    Famous Eateries in Goa :

    Christmas carries with itself the soft fragrance of baking, Christmas carols being sung in the backdrop. A run-of-the-mill Christmas festivity in Goa tracks down its motivation from the European way. The food mainly contains nut cakes made of wine and dry natural products, a chicken or turkey dish, pork sorpotel with rice, and bebinca, a neighbourhood sweet dish made from milk and coconut. 

    Sea food in Goa

    Goa has got a large number of Seafood eateries and dhabas which serve delightful cuisines. If you prefer non-veg and fish items, you should try the best fish eateries in Goa. They offer Kodi Nustey, Seared Fish, delicious Crabs, Prawn curry, different dishes of Pomfret, and numerous other delicious local foods.

    Some famous eateries are certainly :

    1. Martins Corner in Betalbatim (INR 1800 for two people)

    2. Mums Kitchen in Panjim (INR 1500-INR 2000)

    3. Souza Lobo on Calangute (INR1,800 for two people )

    4. The leela (INR 2300 per plate)

    5. Bogmallo Beach Resort (INR 900 Per Plate)

    6. Joecons Beach Shack (INR 950 for two people)

    There are plenty of eateries with more than two cuisines, plates of seafood, and local food items from North India and Chinese.

    Some less crowded yet stunning beaches for peaceful New Year’s onset

    Millions of people visit Goa, which can become difficult for people who prefer peace over anything; Goa also has a lot to offer to this type of people. There are a lot of beaches where the human footprint is lesser than the other known seashores. The odds are good that you haven’t even known about the existence of these spots! 

    These are a portion of the less popular Sea shores in Goa, stowing away from the crowd, murmuring with the delicate waves touching them. These sea beaches are as follows :

    1. Kakolam beaches 

    2. Galgibaga Beach

    3. Hollant Beach 

    4. Canaguinim Beach 

    5. Cola Beach 

    6. Velsao Beach as well as

    7. Cabo De Rama Beach, etc

    That’s a wrap

    It is that season again when a pinch of festivity is in the air and a bunch of expectations and enthusiasm flood tantalizingly in the heart. Above all Christmas is in the air, and time is again ready for its yearly change as 2023 stands by without complaining in the background to make an appearance. 

    This Christmas holds the commitment of something uniquely great as we can get together with our friends, family, and loved ones. Therefore, why not celebrate this Christmas and New Year 2023 in the best way possible with the best food, exciting ambience, and in the best destination Goa?

    Hope you liked the blog. Thanks, Byee…✌️


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