Celebrate New Year’s eve in DUBAI: Must do things in 2023

    New Year’s eve in Dubai is celebrated with lots of pomp and show. Dubai has a wide range of awestruck and extravagant line-ups of destinations.

    Travelling is a complete source of merriment and exploration for travel freaks. In the 21st century, we barely find amusements in a mundane, monotonous life. We all are stuck with our busy schedules where the only form of relaxation is weekends or holidays. So why not celebrate the new year in a new place?

    Here’s your to-do list in Dubai for a fabulous 2023 New Year!!

    Visit Burj Khalifa

    Dubai is one of those dreamy places that will top most people’s bucket lists, and a New Year is a dream come true. The iconic 828-meter Burj Khalifa is a must-visit sight for people from all across the world. The fireworks held at Burj Khalifa on New Year’s eve have always been a significant part of the celebration.

    A beguiling performance by The Dubai Fountain which is also held at the base of the paradise-like Burj Khalifa, which is, without a doubt, a huge tourist attraction.

    The New Year’s Eve dazzles up with the “world’s largest laser display,” according to the tower’s master developer Emraan in the world’s tallest building and United Arab Emirates night sky would be not only enthralling to the people of Dubai but also to near about one billion viewers across the world.

    Grooving to the music by DJ Alban and DJ Ron

    This New Year’s eve in Dubai includes another spectacular event for a wholesome celebration on 31st December. The upbeats set by DJ Alban and DJ Ron will make you groove and set your mood like nothing else at the Pointes in A Cappella.

    The Palm’s fireworks, waterfront hotspot, delicious food, and spectacular views of The Atlantis have got everything summed up for a New Year celebration. Those seated outside shall also witness The Palm Fountain show.

    Desert Safari in Dubai

    The desert safari is a classic experience to have as a whole, especially on New Year’s eve, while having a sumptuous buffet and watching the fireworks in the desert of Dubai. The desert safari in the luxurious city of Dubai is another delightful adventure that includes a camel ride, hot air balloon ride, sandboarding, stargazing at night, and dune bashing. Dubai is appropriately known as the Pearl of the Gulf, with the dunes glimmering under the bright sunlight.

    Stay at The Palm Islands on New Year 2023

    The Palm Islands in Dubai are three artificial islands which are developed by the real estate developer Nakheel. The islands are Palm Jumeirah, Deira Jumeirah, and Palm Jebel Ali on the coast of Dubai. Palm Jumeirah is an exquisite location in Dubai.

    There are private residences and lavish hotels. The handcrafted menus comes with excellent decors, modern glamour, comfortable accommodation, and proper access to Kyma Beach. The archipelago resembles a stylish palm tree centred within a circle from the air.
    The construction began in 2001 and was primarily aided by Dubai’s income from petroleum. The 51st-floor venue at St. Regis, The Palm Jumeirah, invites guests to stand out amidst the brilliant Amazonian interiors, drummers, and dancers to add vibrancy to the atmosphere.

    There will be arrangements for towards the Brazilian tradition of salsa at the white-themed New Year party at Sushisamba. The menu shall consist sky high restaurants’ signature Japanese cuisines.
    The Penthouse, located 16 floors up the five Palm Jumeirah hotels, is a popular lounge in Dubai. The celebration for the 31st night is about to light up the entire place as one enjoys the marine sides, mouth-watering food, and downtown fireworks while dancing to the grooving music.

    Palm Jebel Ali has an enormous palm tree with a giant crescent around it. And the space between the crescent and the tree dredges island boardwalks that circle the fronds of the Palm. Also, it spells out an Arabic poem by Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

    The Deira Islands are yet to be developed entirely, which are also four artificial islands off the coast of Deira, Dubai.
    The Palm is a spectacular tourist spot perfect for spending holidays and a memorable New Year in the laps of luxury.

    Yacht parties in Dubai

    We have always heard of luxury yacht trips in various countries and the New Year Yacht party in Dubai is one of the best experiences to witness. Filled with world-famous fireworks felicitating the dawn of a new year, it’s an experience of a lifetime.

    There is a variety of Yacht charters you can choose from. The yacht party in Dubai has a Yacht charter of six hours, five-star hotels with international delicacies, beverages, an open bar with a variety of premium drinks, international music, and captain and cabin crew services.
    What can be more fun than a Dubai yacht party?

    Live Concerts – New year’s eve Dubai

    There is also a list of live concerts happening this new year.
    The Grammy award winner Australian popstar Kylie Minogue will perform at Atlantis, the Palm, dazzling the event. A fireworks show amazes everyone with a good wholesome meal.

    The Dubai Opera House shall be performing and ending the New Year on a high note. The evening shall be fascinating, with upbeat tunes of DJs and performers who will be playing live throughout the night. The Downtown venue gets transformed into a banquet hall where guests enjoy dinner with starters, mains, and desserts.

    Visiting CE LA VI in Dubai

    The fifty-fourth-floor restaurant in Dubai CE LA VI is in downtown Dubai. There are bookings on terrace tables that offers a spectacular view of The Burj Khalifa. A special guest star is going to appear, though no names are revealed. The spot’s magnificent location, with such a fabulous atmosphere on special occasions, such as New Year’s Eve, takes the entire event multiple notches higher.

    All in all, this time is your time to visit Dubai on New Year’s.
    New Year Celebration in Dubai is thus an incredible experience to have where one enjoys the celebration and the ambience of the phenomenal experience in Dubai.

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