Discovering the Natural Beauty of Coral Island, Thailand

    Coral Island, Thailand also referred to as Koh Hae or Ko He, is a picturesque getaway destination about 3 km southeast of Phuket. The island is tranquil at night and can become somewhat busy during the day. The two major beaches on the island include Long Beach and Banana Beach.

    Discovering coral island, Thailand

    You can rent a long-tail boat from Rawai Beach or Chalong Pier to reach Coral Island Thailand. Or book a snorkeling trip from Chalong to get to the island in 15 minutes. It is by speedboat. Although the sea temperature is suitable for swimming throughout the year, the best months to visit Coral Island are January to April.

    Wondering how to plan your visit to this beautiful island? Well, worry not, as in this post, you will find all you need to know to have a great experience at Coral Island Thailand.

    Coral Island’s Natural Beauty

    Located off the southern coast of Phuket, Coral Island itself is around 2.5 km long. And endowed with sparkling white sand, crystal-clear water, and deep green forest. Thus, providing tourists who visit from all over the world with a spectacular sight.

    Coral Island thailand

    Koh Hay is the island’s Thai name, and it does not translate word-for-word to Coral Island. It means a crowded island. However, the name is not flawed, as the island has an abundance of day-trip visitors all through the high season.

    The west side of Coral Island Thailand is home to brain corals, turnip corals, staghorn corals, and plate corals. It is a long line with several colorful fishes such as Phuket fish, nori fish, butterfly fish, angelfish, parrot fish, etc.

    Coral Island Thailand

    Several small fish and starfish can be spotted towards the quieter parts of the beach.  

    You may also get into the ocean from the boat dock and witness diverse, colorful fish, sea urchins, starfish, and corals.

    Exploring Coral Island

    What is better than exploring a beautiful island? Exploring it while doing some activity. Coral Island Thailand offers you a bunch of exciting activities like speed boat parasail outings, banana boats, canoes, snorkeling, diving, and hiking.

    Long Beach

    Long beach, Coral Island Thailand

    One of the most active and packed places in Ko He, Long Beach, is where the day-trip boats arrive. Being about 800m long, Long Beach offers you a ton of deckchairs for rent. Also lots of hotels, restaurants, and bars options to chill and relax. Here, you can take a sea bath and also enjoy beach volleyball with everyone.

    Banana Beach

    If you want to relish a vacation without the usual razzle-dazzle, Banana Beach is the perfect spot for you. A tranquil and peaceful beach that is perfect for a relaxing vacation. You can reach Banana Beach by hiring a boat from the port in Long Beach. Or by walking through the jungle trail between them, which adds to the list of adventures. One can also snorkel to marvel at the stunning coral reefs that are always available for you to explore the magnificence of Ko He. You can also just lie on the white sand and get immersed in the peacefulness of Banana Beach.

    Banana Beach

    Phuket Snorkeling

    The accessibility of swimming to the shallow reef from the beach makes it an ideal place for snorkeling for beginner snorkellers and children. If you enjoy snorkeling, you must try out the Phuket Snorkeling Tour at Koh Hae, which is a 6 hours long Koh Hae snorkeling tour.

    Phuket Fish

    You should definitely explore the rich and unique Thai cuisine, not to forget the incredible Phuket Fish. A dish that will leave you with a taste to cherish throughout your life. It has the perfect blend of all tastes, with the fish coated with a load of finely chopped onions, ginger, and garlic tossed up in soy sauce and chili. Do not miss this delicacy, as the experience will last you a lifetime.

    Phuket Fish

    So what do you think? A complete package of fun, relaxation, natural beauty, adventure, and good food. Appealing, isn’t it? A trip that should be on your bucket list but, most importantly, should be ticked off the list as well.

    Staying at Westin Phuket at Coral Island, Thailand

    What is one of the most crucial elements while planning a trip? A good accommodation, something if not anything but ideal, makes the entire trip a flop, and the Westin Phuket offers you a five-star luxury by the shore. The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa, Phuket, which lies by Siray Bay near Phuket Town, is your ideal luxury resort that is a perfect fit for everyone.

    Westin Phuket at Coral Island

    From serene getaways to romantic holidays and corporate retreats, the Westin Phuket is your number-one choice. Planning an event, conference, or celebration? Well, fear not, the Westin Phuket got you covered for those as well. They offer meeting rooms, ballrooms, and an array of modern conference venues.


    They offer you a Westin WORKOUT Fitness Studio along with three outdoor pools, the Westin Kids Club, and Heavenly Spa by Westin. There are six resort restaurants and bars, many of which have exquisite views for you to treat all your senses.

    Your room at the Westin Phuket presents you with Heavenly Beds, rainforest showers, ample desks, complimentary Wi-Fi, and LCD screens with DVD players.

    Gym facility at Westin Hotel, Thailand

    Just sit by your furnished balcony and cherish the sea panorama. You get to select suites and resort villas from a good collection that includes plunge pools and ample entertaining spots.

    Go ahead and have your best-ever stay at the Westin Phuket.


    Someone once said, “Good vibes happen on the tides,” and they were so right. If you disagree, all you need to do is pack your bags and come visit Coral Island Thailand and see for yourself. An abode of nature that engulfs you in its beauty makes you feel alive with the flow of the ocean and lets you discover the world of the enchanting ocean and some of the best dishes you have ever tasted.

    A warm and comforting stay at the Westin Phuket, exploring beaches, boat rides, snorkeling, scuba diving, water sports, and trying out the best of Thai delicacies, especially the Phuket Fish, and overall, soaking in the whole experience is all you need to feel at paradise. So what are you waiting for? Let’s greet and say, Sawadee ka, Thailand!


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