Island Hopping: Taking the Krabi to Phuket Ferry to Paradise

    Wade through the lapping waters while being caressed by the winds. You need to take a ferry from Krabi to experience the journey to paradise that Phuket is. Also, you must discover the heavenly Burasari Phuket and Thavorn Palm Beach Resort to enrich the trip.

    Krabi to Phuket Ferry

    Getting to Paradise: Krabi to Phuket Ferry

    Ferry Booking
    Krabi to Phuket Ferry booking

    If you are willing to enjoy the spectacular sceneries of the Andaman Sea and two islands, taking a ferry from Krabi to Phuket ferry is the most popular option. Sparse ferries arrive and depart the designated spots spanning through the day.

    Advanced checking of the time and booking of the tickets is of utmost importance. This will ensure you take advantage of timely reservations and face delays. Each ferry ride will cost you almost 630 THB (₹1,500 approx) for each person. And it lasts for around 3 hours. The mesmerizing journey will seem to pass away just like a breeze.

    Phuket Ferry

    Popular spots include Krabi, Floating Pier East Railay, and Nopparat Thara Pier. Ao Nang Princess and Koh Yao Sun Smile can be taken from them. But Phuket, Ao Nang Princess arrives at Rassada Pier, whereas Koh Yao Sun Smile arrives at Bongrong Pier.

    While SiriLanta offers more diverse options by having several other departure and arrival destinations apart from the abovementioned piers. It also departs from Chao Fah Park Pier and arrives at Ao For Pier. They also offer a trip to Naka Island.
    Ferry Journey


    Pick any ferry to suit your travel plan and itinerary, and pack some essentials for the trip. Carry some medicines for nausea and other soothing beverages. Take your best binoculars and camera to catch some mind-blowing sights.

    Ao Nang Princess is the most popular choice for Krabi to Phuket ferry rides. The big ferries carry many tourists, giving you some moments to socialise with others and exchange stories. You can enjoy the journey peacefully.

    Krabi to Phuket Ferry

    Some other ferries available are Koh Yao Sun Smile, SiriLanta Speedboats etc. They give thrilling ferry ride experiences for upbeat individuals or groups of friends.

    Burasari Phuket

    Burasari Phuket

    Standing in a prime spot near the famous Patong Beach, Burasari Phuket is a five-star hotel. Burasari Phuket will spoil you rotten, from excellent accommodation to dining and luxurious spa treatments.

    Burasari Phuket is 1 kilometre from Phuket International Airport and 40 minutes from the Rassada Pier. So whichever mode of transport you may pick for reaching Phuket, this starry hotel will arrange a comfortable arrival at their doorstep. Just make sure to ring them in advance.

    Burasari Phuket

    Burasari Phuket has a wide assortment of rooms available to check-in. Premiere to Elite rooms, with variations of Pool Views and Access. For a high-class experience, you can book into Mood Collection and Glam Splash rooms. Honeymoon accommodation is also available.

    Every room has a WiFi network and a 42-inch TV for seamless entertainment. The bathroom is attached to every room, stuffed with necessities. A jacuzzi is availed in the deluxe rooms; for couples, a bathtub is provided in the honeymoon room.

    Rooms at Burasari Phuket

    Award-winning spa treatment is served at early bookings. A special treatment menu is provided just for the couples and in their rooms’ privacy and intimacy. Discover the exquisite flavours of traditional Thai Cuisines, foreign French delicacies and some European extras at Burasari Phuket and tantalise your taste buds.

    Stay close to the water when back from the beach, for Burasari Phuket already has a relaxing pool ready for you. Swim through or soak in and enjoy some drinks from the beside bars.

    Bar at Burasari Phuket

    This award-winning hotel is perfect for friends and couples to spend some intimate moments and make lifelong memories together.

    Thavorn Palm Beach Resort

    A world-class accommodation, Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is a leader among the best resorts in Phuket. Facing Karon Beach, famous for its picturesque sun views, Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is a glorious place to spend time with family and children.

    Thavorn Palm Beach Resort

    The spectrum of beauty is blinding here. Deluxe suites for small to prominent families and groups are available with premium bathrooms and luxurious terraces. From garden to sea, the decks provide an excellent view to stare at in leisure.

    The deluxe rooms for couples or individual tourists are magnificent as well. Apart from pool access and a garden view, the premium rooms also provide a sunken lounge.

    Thavorn Palm Beach Resort

    Apart from a continuous WiFi network, large TV, minibar, fridge, hairdryer, toiletries etc., armchairs and tables are also provided. From a fun zone to a work nook, transform your room per your needs.

    Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is an all-rounder, fun place to be at. The pools meander through huge areas with exciting water rides. You will immerse in nature in the beautiful garden with thriving flora and fauna.

    Thavorn Palm Beach Resort in Phuket

    Also, make sure to spend some time learning something creative and new. For enthusiastic tourists, surfing classes are given. And if you like some patient, self-engrossed activities, take a pizza-making class.

    Last but not the least
    Hopping from one island to another is fascinating. What is a better way to make the trips? If it is from Krabi to Phuket ferry rides in Thailand. Discover two capital sites of paradise.


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