Nahan Hill Station: A Perfect Weekend Getaway Destination Near Delhi

    Situated in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh is your next holiday destination, the headquarters of the Sirmaur District, Nahan. Set on the top of a hill in the Shiwalik Hills, Nahan hill station gives you the best views of the mountains and greenery.

    Nahan Hill station

    Himachal is often called Dev Bhoomi, meaning ‘Land of Gods,’ and Veer Bhoomi, which means ‘Land of the Brave,’ and the town of Nahan stands fair to both those titles. Other than being lost in the serene, scenic beauty of Nahan, you’ll find loads of places of religious significance but don’t shun away if that’s not your scoop because Nahan is for everyone. Orophiles, nature lovers, shutterbugs, history buffs, or just the ones who seek refuge in tranquility, Nahan is your place to visit.

    Nahan Hill Station

    In 1621, The scenic town of Nahan was built by Raja Karam Prakash. Legends go that a saint resided with a companion named Nahar, where the Nahan palace is situated. The word “Nahar” implies ‘don’t kill’ and the town likely got his name from an incident when a king was trying to hunt a lion, and the saint said Nahar, which meant ‘do not kill it.’

    Another story mentions that “Nahar” translates to the lion in Sanskrit. At the place where Nahan is situated, lions were also located, so it was named Nahar and later became Nahan, which might be an adaption of Nahar.

    Nahan Hill station

    The best part of your visit to Nahan hill station is the fact that you can make it into a romantic getaway, a historical tour, a nature retreat, or all of it summed together. This quaint little hill station is away from the cacophony of city life while it holds several legends and folktales.

    Nahan can be visited at any time of year because it is still relatively untapped by commercialism and trekking. Summers are warm and pleasant, while winters are frigid and freezing, yet each season lends a new appeal to the natural beauty of the place. Spring and autumn are the most suitable seasons for outdoor activities like hiking and strolling around town.

    Pilgrimages, trekking, hiking, and sightseeing are the activities you need to plan for your trip to Nahan.

    Places to Visit in Nahan Hill Station

    Nahan hill station remains to be a treasure trove full of nature’s gems, beads of history, and pearls of enchantment and tranquility. Here are some of the places to visit in Nahan that you definitely shouldn’t miss:

    Jaitak Fort

    In 1810, this fort was constructed by Gurkha leader Ranjor Singh Thapa on the crest of Jaitak Hills. Jaitak Fort, located about 20 kilometers from Nahan, was constructed using materials retrieved from the Nahan fort after it was plundered and demolished. The Gurkhas battled against British forces at Jaitak Fort.

    Jaitak Fort

    Due to its strategic location, the fort provides a hawk’s eye perspective over the surrounding areas while snuggling within the flora-enhancing vistas of the hills. You can also reach the fort by walking uphill and enjoying the breathtaking views. The palace within the fort is still in proper condition and nicely reflects the old world’s elegance.

    Shivalik Fossil Park at Nahan Hill Station

    Located about 22 km southwest of Nahan hill station on the banks of the Markand River is one of the most frequented places to visit in Nahan, the Shivalik Fossil Park, also called Suketi Fossil Park. The park is a National Geo-heritage monument and is also Asia’s biggest fossil park.

    Shivalik Fossil Park

    With a collection of 2.5 million years old prehistoric vertebrate fossils and skeletons from Siwaliks, Shivalik Fossil Park is a great treat for history buffs and culture enthusiasts.

    One of the biggest attractions of this park is the outdoor exhibit of six life-sized fiberglass models of extinct mammals. The park is open to visitors on a daily basis except for Tuesday. The park offers free entry, and you can visit from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Writer’s Hill

    One of Himachal Pradesh’s best-kept secrets is Writer’s Hill, located deep in the Himalayan foothills. It’s an hour’s trip from Nahan Hill Station. The area provides opportunities for motor touring, biking, cultural and historical attractions, camping, hiking, and wildlife. You can also get a taste of rural life, where land, heritage, and a slower pace are still of value.

    Winter's Hill : Nahan Hill Station

    Writer’s Hill features calm, creative places that are ideal for getting away at any time of year. You have the option of remaining cocooned in our self-contained, stylish, yet casual cottages with amazing views or exploring a region rich in forest paths, river walks, wildlife, and mountains.

    But Writer’s Hill offers so much more than just comfort and privacy. A place that truly brings out the creativity in you and inspires you to compose music, pun some words or paint your heart out. Doing justice to its name, Writer’s Hill has been ideal for authors who seek solitude with convenience.

    Rani Tal

    Rani Tal used to be a retreat for the Royalties living in and around Nahan and in the surrounding Shivalik Hills. It is also referred to as the “Queen’s lake,” and it is in the heart of the Nahan hill station.

    Rani Tal: Nahan Hill station

    On one end of the Lake or Tal, you will find an idol of Lord Shiva and a small temple of Goddess Lata Devi.

    Rani Tal is a popular picnic spot, attracting numerous solo travelers and families or couples, including localities and tourists. You can stroll through the nearby garden or feed the fish and turtles in the pond. The garden also has a fountain that will refresh you after your adventure. There is also a small cave that leads to the King’s Palace. With free entry, you can visit Rani Tal any time of the day, any day. However, like any other hill station spot, we recommend you visit a little early and return before sundown.

    Places to Visit in Sirmour

    The district of Sirmaur marks to be the southernmost district of Himachal Pradesh, with the Giri River splitting the district into two nearly equal halves: Giripar and Giriaar. Here are some of the most scenic and popular tourist destinations that you must have on your list:

    Paonta Sahib

    Ponta Sahib

    An industrial town and a prominent worshiping place for Sikhs, which has one of the most famous Gurudwaras built in honor of Guru Gobind Singh. Paonta Sahib awaits you holding close to its beauty and historical significance. You can just take a one-hour drive from Nahan and visit the notable Gurudwara Paonta Sahib. It lies on the banks of the Yamuna river and houses a “palki” made of pure gold donated by devotees.

    Churdhar Peak

    Churdhar peak in Sirmaur marks to be one of the highest peaks of the Shivalik ranges. It is also referred to as Churichandni, means Bangle of Snow. It blesses you with some of the most spectacular flora and fauna, including barking deer, musk deer, Himalayan black bears, langur, and leopards. You can go for the Churdhar Peak trek from May till November. Don’t forget to enjoy a soothing steep hike through a lush Deodar forest, terraced fields, and Gujjar pasture grounds.

    Renuka Lake

    Renuka lake is the largest river in the state and a Ramsar site since November 2005.

    Named after the goddess Renuka, there are many legends that go on about this auspicious place. One of the legends suggests that on the evening of Prabodhini Ekadashi, people celebrate with a five-day Renuka fair. Hundreds of people from all over the country come together to celebrate and welcome the arrival of Renuka’s son, Parashurama. They all gather around Renuka lake, which is believed to be the goddess’ abode. Renuka Lake marks to be one of the most visited spots on this tour. Make sure you soak in the beauty of the Renuka Reserve Forest.

    Waterfall and Trekking

    The Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh is a casket of exciting and beautiful spots and activities. Here are some Nahan places to visit to make your trip a wonder:

    waterfall and trekking in sirmour
    • Badolia Temple Waterfall
    • Karol Tibba Trek
    •  Kalga Trek
    • Tosh Valley Trek

    Homestays and Accommodation

    Nahan welcomes you with open arms and provides some of the best homestays and accommodations.

    homestays near Nahan hill station

    Green Acres Homestay

    Located in the foothills of the Shivalik Himalayas, Green Acres Homestay is just a 20 minutes drive from Nahan. You get a treat of the natural and organic lifestyle with a panoramic view of hills and farmlands. If you are traveling from Chandigarh & Dehradun, Green Acres Homestay is a 2 hours drive and 5 hours from Delhi.

    Seclude Nahan, Bantony Cottage

    This is a royal retreat in the enchanting beauty of the mountains. Built by the royal family of Sirmur in 2018, Bantony Cottage makes you reconnect with nature. And it also let’s you be a part of Sirmur’s rich history. 

    Ekant Guest House

    Situated on the Nahan-Renukaji Highway, Ekant Guest House stays true to its name. A place that offers peace and tranquility wrapped in the aesthetics of Nahan. A budget stay that comes with all the facilities and amenities. The guest house has a playground and parking, along with comfortable and cozy rooms and suites.

    Contact Details: Phone- +91 9816566615 Email-

    Local Cuisine

    Now you know which Nahan places to visit, what to see, and where to stay. But did we miss out on something? Absolutely not. Here’s a list of some popular restaurants and eateries that gives you the best flavor of Himachali food:

    local cusine at nahan
    • Rider’s Cafe “Dockyard”
    • Pahadi Rasoi also called Thee lokals
    • BRIDGE View Restaurant
    • The Heritage Bar


    By now, you know what a complete package Nahan is. A place that has a place for everybody, from artists to writers to photographers to history buffs to travelers. A place that welcomes you and makes you feel at home while holding on to its rich culture.

    You can take a flight to Chandigarh and enjoy a serene 3 hours ride to reach Nahan or also take a cab from Delhi, which takes about 3 and a half hours. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and put on those sneakers, and find your escape in the beauty of Nahan.


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