Basking in the Sun and Soaking in Serenity: Goa’s Top Relaxation Beaches

    Known as the Pearl of the Orient, Goa is a magnet to tourists worldwide, accounting for the distinguishable expanse of beaches it is gifted with. The amalgamation of European culture through the influence of the Portuguese settlements into the local customs makes it a cultural hotspot in addition to its geographical and biological diversity.

    Goa beaches

    Morjim Beach

    In North Goa, Morjim is a small village with a spectacular yet serene beach.
    Compared to the beaches on the Northern side, which are popular and bustling, Morjim Beach is solitary and tranquil, which makes it stand apart from others.

    Morjim beach
    1. The quietness on Morjim Beach is the prime reason it is much loved by peace and rest-seeking visitors and tourists.
    2. The rustic cottages, sunbeds, and shacks stippled along the coast may be costly. Still, they make up for their being paragons of cosiness.
    3. Some birds like bay-backed shrikes and sand plovers or animals like crabs can be found in nooks around are examples of the location’s thriving fauna.
    4. Being home to Olive Ridley Turtles, it is a designated site for their nesting. This earned it the name Turtle Beach.
    5. The area is populated by Russian immigrants, who continuously see incoming tourists from the country. It is thus also called Little Russia.
    1. Spend lazing moments in the cottages and shacks, gaze at the horizon and wind down. While looking across the sea, one may spot some dolphins diving and swimming away.
    2. Observation of the wildlife in this secluded place is very satisfying. So bringing the best pair of binoculars and a good camera is recommended. Be mindful not to disturb or harm any creature and stick to guidelines.
    3. The glimmering clean water on the beach gives an excellent opportunity to go swimming. Basking under the sun on the clutter-free beach or feeling the waves wash over your skin provides a soul-cleansing feel.
    4. The rise of numerous Russian-style restaurants with delicacies varying from the ones prevalent in the rest of the state will give a dining experience like never before.

    Agonda Beach in South Goa

    With a lengthy stretch of sand in the South Goa district, Agonda is a big village in Canacona. It is choicest among tourists for its flawless and picturesque beachside beauty.

    Agonda beach
    1. The beach is 3 kilometres long, making it seem almost infinitely long.
    2. Parallel to the coastline, a corresponding road beside which rooms and shacks can be found.
    3. Prohibition on letting hawkers and sellers on the beach make the entire expanse a crowd less and, in turn, calm.
    4. The area around the beach is surrounded by green foliage composed of coconut and palm trees, giving the place a refreshing look.
    5. It is a settling place for the endangered Olive Ridley Turtles, so it is one of the four designated sites mentioned in the notification of the Coastal Regulation Zone.
    6. The beach is famous for its charming yet soothing vibe; therefore, also known for romantic escapades. This makes it a favourite among couples.
    Activities at Agonda
    1. The rhythmic waves give favourable conditions for learners and beginners of surfing and fly skiing. Swimming will be a harmonious activity in these gentle waters as well.
    2. Along with the fishing people, enthusiastic tourists can also go into the sea to get a chance at dolphin sighting up close.
    3. A few walks into the land, a wide assortment of local and traditional foods can be found in the roadside shacks and hovels.
    4. From enjoying a laidback scenic sunset under the palm trees to a calming walk on the moonlit wet sand, the beach allows some quiet moments for visitors.

    Palolem Beach in South Goa

    A blissful land just 2 kilometres from the town of Canacona in the district of South Goa.

    Palolem Beach
    1. With white sand spread throughout and shaped like a crescent, this moon-like beach is aptly monikered as the White Paradise Beach. The cool breeze, warm sunshine, and shade of palm fronds are always there, ready to welcome any visitor.
    2. Due to its crescent moon shape, either end of the beach provides a panoramic view of the entirety till the other end.
    3. The beach at the end is studded with rocks, making the waves crash on them. The sound fills the area and adds to the natural seaside ambience.
    4. The thatch-roofed restaurants, bamboo huts, and colourful shacks add vividity to the already mesmerising natural beauty.
    5. The nightlife here is thriving, but it does not meddle with the peacefulness as there are silent discos around here.


    Activities in Palolem beach
    1. The slow currents and gradual increase in depth make it an ideal spot for budding swimmers. The presence of lifeguards removes any chances of casualty.
    2. The beachside is the perfect spot for practising some yoga alone. Being a place that people less frequent, the seclusion will help in meditation and focus.
    3. An ayurvedic spa is a great option to rejuvenate the skin and body. It benefits the holistic wellness of the person receiving the spa treatment.
    4. Going fishing and dolphin spotting gives a fun experience. The constant looking out and eyes on the bobbing movement of the waves boosts focus and concentration.
    5. The backwaters of Palolem have intricately planned canals that provide excellent boating and kayaking opportunities.

    Mandrem Beach

    Located 29 kilometres away from the capital city of the state, Panaji, Mandrem Beach is in the small town of Mandrem in the district of North Goa.

    Mandrem beach
    1. Its beauty is not widespread; Mandrem remains a new and exotic space nestled between the twin beaches of Arambol and Ashwem.
    2. The crystal clear water and the pristine white sand make the beach appear resplendent. Also, as the place is among the less dwelled ones, nature showcases its glory without hesitation.
    3. During high tides, Mandrem Beach displays its pinnacle of appeal and poise. The rushing water from the Arabian Sea throws itself into the arms of Mandrem Creek.
    4. Colourfully decorated boats of the fishing people can be seen fringing alongside the shore at daybreak when the people get ready to go fishing.


    Activities in Mandrem
    1. There are several bamboo beaches across the creek to reach the beach, and walking over gives a pleasurable feeling.
    2. For spotting herons, kingfishers, crabs, turtles, etc., Mandrem Beach provides opportune moments to its visitors.
    3. Tourists and visitors can enjoy local cuisines prepared from the freshly caught in the sea.
    4. The mingling scents, the sound of water and animals, and the sight of huts and shacks built from bamboo, coconut, and palm– give tantalising pleasure to all senses.
    5. The beach is also beautiful for practising meditation and yoga. A School of Oceanic Yoga and Meditation is open for those interested in learning.
    6. The sunset from the creek gives adorable scenes to gaze upon, absorbing the dimming heat slowly in serenity.
    7. Camping in such an ambience will give the heart and mind a harmonic feeling.

    Velsao Beach in Goa

    Velsao Beach is located in South Goa, 25 kilometres from Panaji.

    Velsao Beach Goa
    1. This quiet and calm beach is a well-known romantic getaway for couples, whether for dates or honeymoons.
    2. The beach is brimming with many wonders waiting for you to discover, starting from the silvery sandy beach and then going to the lakes with lilies and groves of coconuts.
    Other scenic features:

    You can hear a constant murmuring of birds, throughout the day, thanks to the absence of noise and hustle. In the morning, you can also find them at the shoreline. The beach gives an astonishing view of the sunrise. The temptation to remain to lie in the lap of nature is strong here. The Beach exudes an aura of spirituality owing to the churches surrounding it.


    Activities in Goa
    1. The beachside resorts and homes give the tourists redolent moments to experience. Sunbathing in this atmosphere can easily drift one to sleep. So, beware of sunburn and apply a lot of sunscreen.
    2. Doing meditation and breathing exercises in such an environment will surely help soothe the nerves of anyone.
    3. Taking a stroll under the moonlit sky will provide a fresh experience as, accounting for baring and minimum pollution, even stars gaze upon the silvery beach.
    4. Boating and scuba diving are some more rejuvenating activities for visitors. Several watersports are favourable here thanks to the calm and clear water.
    5. Opportunities like getting an ayurvedic spa and doing yoga in this natural and wild atmosphere will also rejuvenate the body and mind.

    Goa has several tranquil beaches waiting to welcome introverted or exhausted souls, from effortless activities like taking a stroll or sunbathing to some fresh ones like birdwatching or dolphin spotting to physical activities like swimming or yoga. A change of place such as Goa can help in changing pace, helping in relaxing, and even rejuvenating.

    Goa bikni beach

    Apart from these popular picks, several miles of the coast contain such treasures of experiences to dive into. Rent a bike or take an autorickshaw and go along the winding roads in the smallest state of India, exploring to find your next spot matching your vibe.


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