Top 10 things to do in Paris

    Paris is one of those dreamy places that is always on everyone’s list. If you are a killer of romance Paris is your ultimate gateway destination. Whether you want to propose to your girlfriend, ask her out to marry you, want to explore richness and culture or want to plan your honeymoon, Paris is THE DESTINATION. So, without wasting any more time, let’s quickly dive into the top 10 things to do in Paris.

    Places to visit

    Visiting Eiffel Tower

    Eiffel Tower, Paris : Top 10 things to do in Paris
    Photo by Chris Coudron on Unsplash

    Whenever one thinks about Paris, The first thing that comes to mind is the elegant Eiffel Tower.

    It’s located in the Champ de Mars in Paris. The Eiffel Tower, known as Gustave Eiffel, is made of an alloy of iron unique for its low carbon content. Eiffel Tower is a global cultural icon and is visited by 6.8 million people annually. It’s the top destination in Paris, and more than 20,000 people stay there daily in October. Eiffel Tower remains the fetal attraction of Paris due to its tallest structure and an emblem of romance. It’s a unique Tower where tourists can walk up inside.

    It’s remarkable for the views one gets after scaling the Eiffel tower. It consists of 1,710 steps, and It’s worth it. If you are lucky enough, on a clear day, you can get a glimpse of miles from this tall Tower and take in the alluring sights of Paris. It’s said that one has a lifetime magical experience when one visits this Tower. We have come across this Tower in movies, art, songs, and literally in every form of literature and art.

    What We Can See From Eiffel Tower

    It’s suggested that one should visit this Tower in both daylight and night. Paris is the city of lights. At night visitors can cherish the warm rays of Paris from in bird’s eye from this elegant Tower. On the day, one will able to see places like 

    1. Arc de Triomphe 

    1. Arc de Triomphe
    Photo by Bastien Nvs on Unsplash

    It’s one of the tallest statues in Paris. On a sunny day, this monument is visible from the Eiffel Tower. This arc is a national symbol, and one must visit it when one visits Paris. Imagine you glimpse this heritage without spending a penny on buying its ticket! 

    2. Notre Dame 

    Notre Dame
    Photo by Marcel Strauß on Unsplash

    In French, ‘Notre Dame’ means ‘Our lady of Paris.’ This holds exceptional value in architectural examples. The style of this building is french gothic architecture, and some earlier architecture is of Romanesque type. This cathedral is dedicated to Mother Mary. It’s a delightful place to visit with its beautiful colourful rose windows and exquisite sculptural embellishments. You can only get an exact spec of this classic place from the Eiffel Tower.

    3. La Defense 

    La Defense , top 10 things to do in Paris
    Photo by Mathias Reding:

    It’s situated west of Paris and visible from The Eiffel Tower. This large area business district covers 560 hectares of 72 glass and steel buildings and 19 of which are skyscrapers. 

    4. Champs Élysées 

    This is an Avenue that is 1.9 km long and 70 meters wide. It’s located near Arc de Triomphe, and This place is famous for its theatre, cafes, and luxury shops. Besides catching a glimpse of this Avenue from the Eiffel Tower, one must visit this place.

    Champs Élysées
    Photo by Yiwen on Unsplash

    Best Season To Visit Eiffel Tower

    This is an all-season visiting place, and each time of the year has something unique to offer to the tourists. If you decide to visit this Tower in Summer, then you can see the Tower when It’s the tallest. Yes, The Eiffel Tower expands and contracts depending on the seasons. Summer heats retract this Tower by 15 cm. While in winter, it goes back to its original length. Besides visiting Paris in Summer and Winter, Spring can be a delightful season to see, especially surrounded by its blossom.

    Eiffel Tower becomes as young as the season. If you are a photo enthusiast and love to capture photos and chase aesthetic frames, Spring is the best season to visit this place. Cherry trees surrounding the Tower and trees like Empress and perennials provide the tourists with the best picture frame. Fall in Paris is breathtaking, and If you are not a fan of chaos and a true loner, this is your season. You can get more room to yourself as there are generally fewer visitors this time of the season. From the second and first floors, you can get a view of beautiful timbers.

    Time and Transport

    The opening times are 9:30-22:45. This Tower is fluently connected with all the public transport systems. One can reach Eiffel Tower by any means, like via the metro, on the RER, by bus, by Vélib, by car, and even by boat. On the metro, line 9, line 8 & line 6 are to reach Eiffel Tower. On the RER, line C connects the way to Eiffel Tower, and via bus, line 82 & line 42 are available. 

    Vélib provides free bike loans, so with a google map, one can easily reach Eiffel Tower. One even can go there by boat along the Seine.

    Chateau de Versailles 

    Chateau de Versailles
    Photo by Pixabay:

    It’s one of the most elegant buildings in the world. It’s a full-day trip; one must have at least one day to visit this extraordinary place. The gorgeous state apartments are worth visiting. It has a famous Hall of Mirrors, a 73 m gallery over the garden, and 357 mirrors. This is a place of historical significance as it was assigned by Loius XIV and was embellished by Le Brun. It’s the place where ‘The Treaty of Versailles’ was signed.

    Galleries Lafayette 

    Galleries Lafayette
    Photo by Andri Wyss on Unsplash

    Suppose you love shopping and styling yourself and seeing yourself new every time you look in the mirror. In that case, this place is absolutely for you. The store offers special shopping packages (49 €) over the day. Visitors here can find numerous items of various brands. Paris was always known for its make-up and makeover, and this place states the historical fact this place offers posh fashion to both men and women. It has some unique services like customized shoppers, tax refunds, etc.

    Fun Activities In Paris 

    Thrilling Rollercoaster Rides 

    Thrilling Rollercoaster Rides
    Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

    With nearly infinite loops, the rollercoaster of Paris can be fun, unlike the emotional rollercoaster of our monotonous lives. One must take advantage of this ride while visiting Paris.This is situated at Parc Astérix.It has a total of l 7 mighty loops, which are more than capable of spinning your head. The velocity is unbelievable, it runs 90 kilometres per hour, and it has an inverted feature, which can add more strokes to your thrill and fun. If you are someone who loves star then you should must visit Disneyland Paris. You will be awestruck by Its new Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain. With unique light effects and sound design, this ride is more fun.

    Paris by Helicopter

    Paris by Helicopter
    Photo by Alexander on Unsplash

    Imagine the city of light from the sky. Yes, It’s amusing. Now tourists can live abroad on a helipad and enjoy the city’s broad view from the sky. One can see the finest places of this historical city, the elegant Eiffel Tower, the castle of Versailles, the Riviera Seine, the famous Stadium, the happy clouds, the slim skyscrapers, and whatnot, the whole city! This helipad helicopter offers 25 minutes of flight and 1.5 hours of experience, which will last a lifetime.

    Sunset Cruise in Paris 

    Sunset Cruise in Paris
    Photo by Bastien Nvs on Unsplash

    As we know, Paris is known as the City of Lights. Therefore a sunset cruise can add more beauty to the memoir of your Paris tour. The river cruise is a tour of 1 hour. Visitors can see Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, Musée d’Orsay, le de la cite, Notre dame Cathedral, Hôtel de Ville, Louvre Museum, Place de la Concorde & Grand Palais from the cruise the voyage. One can enjoy the elegant city of light at night on a Paris illumination cruise. This cruise Tour offers exceptional audio guidance during the journey.

    Famous Restaurants to visit in Paris


    This Restaurant offers the greatest of the finest quality in French cuisine. It offers classic French dishes in traditional style. This Restaurant has a rich history that relates to the 1937 world fair. This Restaurant always had famous guests at its dinners and continues to have some. The ambience is simple yet too beautiful, with a roof open to the sky. One can cherish a moonlit dinner in this eatery with a classic French dish made with a dint of perfection.


    Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

    An exquisite restaurant that offers an unfamiliar fusion of French and Japanese cuisine. This eatery is exceptionally for people who are enthusiastic about trying new foods and tag themselves as real foodies. Along with its unique food offering, the guests will also come across its quirky yet classy decors of soft velvet pillows and low tables. One of the signature dishes of this Restaurant one must not miss is White sashimi with citrus fruit bread and red tuna.

    Along with the above two, several other eateries are worth visiting, like Zerda Cafe, La Nouvelle Seine, Guy Savoy, Beefbar Paris, Giraffe, Dans Le Noir, etc.

    Final Thoughts

    Paris is the most crowded city in France. It has been an active tourist destination for ages. With all its historical significance, rich structures, and heartfelt ambience, it is one of the most fantastic tourist destinations one must not miss out on. It is a versatile spot and is for everyone. Paris offers some fun activities and places of culture and art, the fantasy location of millions of stands apart for being one of those impressive cities in the world. It is a gorgeous place on the planet. A visit to Paris can give you an entirely different travel insight and a lifetime pleasure.


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