Top 5 Beaches of North Goa

    Hello, Are you planning to visit Goa? Or worried about the top 5 beaches of North Goa? Want to enjoy nightlife and partying at Goa beaches? Do you want to know which part of Goa has the best beaches?

    Top 5 Beaches of North Goa

    Then, Yes, you have just landed on the right page. As a travel blogger, Goa is my happy place. If you have scheduled holidays, beaches in north Goa must be on your vacation list. The beaches in north Goa are full of many beautiful and mesmerizing beaches. And if you are someone who loves partying, meeting new people, and enjoying the happy vibe, then, believe me, you would love north Goa. And yes, especially on the beaches because going to Goa and not enjoying beaches is missing from the list.

    Let’s start with a quick overview of north Goa. North Goa starts from the Aguada fort and stretches towards the north till Maharashtra. You can simply relax on the sand, enjoy the water and cherish old Portuguese architecture during the day. And the nightlife here at the beach is quite happening. I am sure you will fall in love with the place because you might even consider extending your holidays.

    Let us dive straight into the best top 5 beaches in North Goa. 

    #1 Baga beach – Amazing Nightlife in the top 5 beaches of North Goa

    baga beach, Top 5 beaches of North Goa

    The All-Time Fav – Baga Beach

    Baga is the king of beaches in North Goa. It is located near Calangute beach. Both Baga beach and Calangute beach are on the same shore.

    Most importantly, Baga beach is known as the best beach in Goa for nightlife, parties, amazing views, and the best beach restaurants. It has the perfect ambience for dazzling nightlife with many remarkable restaurants like Britto’s, Tito’s, and Mambos. The drinks are also available at a reasonable price.

    Unlike many other beaches of Goa, where you can surely enjoy the old vibe. Baga beach comes with the perfect mixture of a party vibe and a happy crowd. Apart from the nightlife, you can even enjoy several sports activities at Baga beaches, such as bumpy rides, speed boating, and jet skiing.

    If you are a person who wants to enjoy the best view and some of the best beachside restaurants, at the same time you do not prefer crowded beaches, then come to Baga beach in the daylight. It will mesmerize you for sure. Which part of Goa is the best? Then my answer will surely be Baga. 

    Some of my recommendations are:

    Baga beach

    Day or Night: Night (If looking for ambience and partying vibe)- Day (for less crowd, beauty, and food)

    Time to visit: November to March

    Restaurants at the beach: Britto’s, Tito’s, and Mambo’s Cafe

    Resorts near the beach: Pride Resort, Blue Marine Beach Resort

    Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset

    Sports activities: Parasailing, Jet skiing, Surfing, Bumper riding, banana boat ride

    #2 Calangute Beach – Serenity and Peace

    Calangute beach, North Goa

    Next on the list is Calangute beach. This beach is quieter and less developed as compared to Baga beach. Calangute beach is on the same shore as Baga beach.

    Calangute beach is known as the queen of beaches because of the holistic beach environment. It is less crowded. But everything is more or less the same as at Baga beach. You will find fewer restaurants than in Baga. But the view is impressive. The sunset on the beach was mesmerizing for me.

    Apart from the typical beach activities like walking and playing with sand, you should surely take a look at Kerkar Art Complex. Their art exhibits are worth seeing. You can also enjoy a little shopping for handmade items here at Calangute beach. For other shopping, you must visit Anjuna Beach. The water activities offered here at the beach are surfing, parasailing, and water skiing. 

    I suggest you hire a bicycle to explore the beach. Calangute is the most extensive beach in North Goa, and you might get tired of walking. 

    Some of my recommendations are:

    Calangute beach, Top 5 beaches of North goa

    Day or Night: Both

    Time to visit: Late October till Feb

    Best time to visit: Christmas

    Restaurants and Pubs on Beach: Oriental, Renzo’s Inn Beach Resort, Tibetian Kitchen

    Sports activities: Parasailing, Jet skiing, Surfing, Bumper riding, banana boat ride

    Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset

    #3 Anjuna Beach – Hippie style, Perfect Sunset in North Goa

    Anjuna Beach

    Shopping at Anjuna beach in Goa is a must.

    Anjuna was once the home of – hippies, but today you won’t find many of them there. But for sure, the vibe at Anjuna is fantastic and the hippest of all the beaches in north goa. Anjuna beach is located beside Anjuna village. Anjuna beach is one of the oldest Goan tourist sites.

    You will find all sorts of hippie shopping things out there in the best market of North Goa, the Anjuna flea market. For me, Anjuna is the best beach for shopping, handmade, and all kinds of fancy stuff. People from all over the world come to visit the Anjuna flea market.

    When I read about this market, and I saw the pictures of the market, I found it quite similar to the Sarojini of Delhi. But believe me, if you do not visit this market, you are gonna miss something delicious. The vibe at the market is just unique. Here you can find almost all the stuff below Rs. 500. You can buy beautiful beach wears or some hippie-style clothes for as cheap as Rs 100.

    The psychedelic music played during the evening appears as a cherry on top. I mean, what else do you want? You are doing your favourite activity, which is shopping, that too besides the beach and you have music all around. Take note that the market is only open on Wednesdays.

    I went to Purple Martini, which is a few km from the beach. It has the best non-veg and veg food. The sunsets on the beach are mesmerizing. Also if you go to Purple Martini, I am sure you will thank me later. I was spellbound by the evening there. You must check it out. 

    Some of my recommendations for Anjuna are:

    Anjuna Beach, North Goa

    Bars and Restaurants: Cabin Disco, Sea Rock Bar, Primrose Bar

    Resorts: Anjuna Beach Resort

    Water Activity: Parasailing, Paragliding, Windsurfing

    Time to visit: Wednesday

    Day or Night: I recommend evenings.

    #4 Arambol Beach – Top 5 Beaches in North Goa

    Arambol Beach, North Goa Top 5 beaches

    This is one of the newest beaches developed in Goa recently. Since then, the beach has had a flow of tourists. All mesmerized by its beauty. It is known as the most beautiful beach in Goa which has its borders Mandrem Beach and Keri Beach on two sides.

    The vibe of the Arambol beach is full of beach shacks, open-air events, parties, concerts and barbeque. This perfect ambience attracts all people from all over the world. Because of the presence of so many foreigners at the beach, even Indians get a vibe as if they are in any foreign country. Some of the cultural events held in Goa at Arambol beach are splendid and people from all over the world come to enjoy them.

    Since recently developed Arambol beach is well connected to many other tourist places. I suggest you hire a scooter or a bike if you want to explore Arambol beach and the nearby areas to the fullest. Some other places to visit at Arambol beach are Kalacha Beach, which is an esoteric beach with lush green sweet water lagoons, Our lady of mount Carmel church, and Paliem lake, which is a lovely water lake surrounded by hills. 

    Some of my recommendations for the beach are:

    Top 5 beaches of North Goa

    Time to visit: October to March

    Day or Night: Both (Nightlife is famous)

    Sports Activities: Parasailing, Jet skiing, Surfing, Bumper riding, banana boat ride

    Clubs and Bars: Coco Loco Club, Sporting Heroes Club, Ash Arambol

    Resorts nearby: Sunshine Guest House, Hype Beach Resort, Rush4 Resorts

    Cafes and restaurants: 21 Coconuts Inn, Cheeky Monkey, Shimon Falafel, Cafe Maitree

    Shacks nearby: Basho Beach Huts, Santana Beach Shack, Paradise Beach Shack

    #5 Vagator Beach – Scenic Beauty

    Vagator Beach

    The next on the list of top 5 beaches in North Goa is definitely Vagator Beach.

    Vagator beach is located on the utmost northern fringes of the Bardez Taluka. The beach is on the opposite side of the river Chapora. To the south of Vagator beach lies Anjuna beach. Adding to the scenic beauty of the beach are the red cliffs.

    The seaside headland divides the beach into two parts. The middle of this division serves as a car parking space. A small street market at the point if you want to collect some souvenirs. Even the Vagator beach is divided into Big Vagator and Little Vagator beach. Big Vagator beach lies to the right of the headland, and little Vagator lies to the left. Little Vagator beach is also known as Orzan beach.

    You can easily reach Vagator beach from the airport in 90 minutes. The temperatures, even in the winter, are around 15-17 degrees celsius. So, most tourists visit the place at that time. Some of the not-to-miss tourist attractions are Chapora Fort, a fort built by Muslim ruler Adil Shah offers a picturesque view, and St; Alex Church, which is only a few km from Vagator; this church is the only church in Goa with Indian-style architecture of cupola falsa. Other sites to visit are Morjim Beach, Lady of Piety, and the Lady of compassion.

    Vagator is the next beach in line for nightlife after Baga beach. Several parties, festivals, and shows are organized on a day-to-day basis. 

    Some of my recommendations for the beach are:

    Time to Visit: November to March

    Day or Night: Both

    Nearby places: St. Alex Church, Our Lady of Compassion, Morjim Beach

    Sports activity: Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Dolphin Sighting, Bumper Ride, Boat Ride

    Cafes and Bars: Primrose bar, Nine bar, Hilltop, Katzensuppe, Mango tree bar, Goa Russian Market

    Restaurants: Antares Restaurant, Fusion Restaurant, Spice Traders, L’Azur, French Restaurant, Fishtail Bar, and restaurant

    Resorts nearby: Urja Resort, Portuguese Vill, Bloo Resort, The Garden Leone Resort

    #6 Querim Beach – Self Search

    Querim Beach, North Goa

    Querim Beach is a quiet and calm beach located in the northernmost region of Goa. The beach symbolizes serenity with rare people around there. You can visit Querim beach during the day and go to Baga beach for happening night parties.

    Querim beach is known as the perfect place to reconnect with yourself. People come here specifically to enjoy the natural beauty and peace of both mind and body in the vicinity of Querim Beach. Even the sand here symbolizes serenity. The sand is all white with casuarinas and palm trees to add to its beauty.

    You can explore some of the old temples, forts, and some notable Goan houses to know the Goan culture better. The photography of the shoreline is excellent at the beach if you visit the beach at dawn. The pine trees bless the beach for you to relax after a sunbath. The natural beauty of the beach is beyond words.

    Some of my recommendations for the beach are:

    Forts to visit: Portuguese Terekhol Fort

    Sports activities: Paragliding, jet skiing, Tere Khel river crossing

    Temples to visit: Ancient turquoise-and-white Ajoba Temple

    That’s all about the top 5 beaches of North Goa. Thanks, Bye Bye 👋


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